Background Info Edit

Growing up in Saffron City, Gray is used to the frenetic pace of large cities. Before she could start her journey, the league enacted a policy that forced children to have some form of an education, and be at least 14 before they could get their license. Gray is a child of a one parent household, and she also has a little brother, Billy. However, she was born in Pallet Town and lived across the street from Owen Plateau -- the Champion of Kalos and main character of the original series -- before moving to Saffron City. Gray's first two years of traveling spent in Kanto and Johto, where she competed in the Indigo League and Silver Conference, respectively. Along her way, she met and befriended several different Pokemon who developed into a very strong group that performed incredibly well throughout their travels.

Physical Info Edit

Gray is 5'6" with wavy brown hair, and her name comes from her having gray eyes. While traveling, she wears a thin, red hoodie with a black tank top underneath, a pair of ripped jeans, and white runners.

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Kanto Pokemon Edit

Durus (Meowth/Persian) Edit


Unlike many other starters, Durus refused to listen to anything Gray said at the beginning of their journey, as shown during her battle with Trentavious and his Snivy. She also took naps when she didn't want to deal with Gray. Durus has shown a very aggressive battle-style, and evolved during a battle with Troy's Zangoose, whom she defeated with ease. Durus has been a very reliable Pokemon for Gray, almost always defeating her opponent in every battle. She is also a bit of a hothead, often threatening to rip people to shreds, and has a rivalry with Trentavious' Serperior, who she defeated in the Saffron City Tournament. She was also very jealous of Comis and all the attention he received when Gray first received him. She quickly got over her jealousy and helped Gray win several battles in the Indigo League, most notably her first round victory over an Aegislash, as well as defeating Trent's Drapion and Serperior in back-to-back battles during the quarterfinals. After the conclusion of the Indigo League, Durus traveled to Johto with Gray and served as a mentor to the new Pokemon. She also managed to keep Ferus in line, and the impact of her departure was originally difficult to overcome, leading to a fight between Ferus and the others.

Obtained in Chapter 1: Another Door Opens

Evolved in Chapter 20: Durus vs Zangoose: Day Care Duel

Leviculus (Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Politoed) Edit


After an argument with Durus, Gray was attacked by a group of Mankey in the middle of the night. Leviculus eventually defeated all of the Mankey, only to run into the same situation the following day, which was when he joined Gray. Originally an idiot who'd fall on his face for no reason, Leviculus was a fairly skilled battler. Upon evolving into Poliwhirl, his goofy personality was replaced by an obnoxious one, as shown when he told Magna he would never like her, even after Gray told him to be nice to her. His old personality returned upon evolving - which was accomplished after he won a tournament with the prize being a King's Rock - and he is a very strong battler, as evidenced by his victory over a wild Kingler, learning Mega Kick in a few minutes, and defeating a Poliwrath. He also had a unique battling-style as a Poliwag that involved him sliding around on his stomach, but he has since adopted dancing to avoid certain attacks. That allows him to excel in close-quarters combat. Leviculus returned to his original status as a powerhouse at the start of the Indigo League, as he played a crucial role in helping Gray progress through the tournament, with his most notable win coming against Marcus' Lucario.

Obtained in Chapter 4: Enter Leviculus!

Evolved in Chapter 15: Kingler of the Hill

Evolved in Chapter 26: Quest for the Crown

Fidens (Archen/Archeops)Edit


The day after Gray and Chase stopped Team Purity from stealing fossils from the Pewter City Museum, they were brought back to help with research, which involved the fossilized Pokemon. Fidens is a very friendly Pokemon who seems to care about Gray, as shown when he tried to help her up, and he is a very powerful Pokemon, as evidenced by his comeback victory over Erika, in which he overcame Defeatist and evolved. Fidens is also the fastest member of the team and uses his incredible speed to overwhelm slower opponents like Trentavious' Drapion, who he defeated with ease. Despite his speed and strength, Fidens is a fairly inconsistent battler, as his results vary drastically. He also has a crush on Magna and won a few battles during the Indigo League, helping Gray progress through the tournament.

Obtained in Chapter 7: Revival of the Fittest?

Evolved in Chapter 38: Fidens Takes Flight!

Magna (Chingling) Edit


After having her gym challenge declined by Misty, Gray was taken to Route 25 by her Pokemon in order to train. They eventually ran into Magna and decided to help her work on being more quiet after learning no trainer wanted to catch her. Magna is a very energetic Pokemon who almost always screams when she talks, and is very powerful, as evidenced by her victory over Misty's Gyarados, and her often being used in Gym Battles. Despite being small in stature, Magna is a giant on the battlefield, winning fairly often and refusing to back down to opponents, no matter their size, and was voted the MVP of Gray's team during the Saffron City Tournament. She also seems to like Fidens, and won a few battles during the Indigo League.

Obtained in Chapter 17: Jingle Bell

Fortis (Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon) Edit


While visiting the Day Care Center, Gray met a boy named Troy, who was releasing Fortis because he was so weak. Enraged by that, Gray decided to challenge Troy and beat him, but Troy didn't hold his end of the bargain and refused to retain Fortis, prompting Gray to take him. Fortis has shown off he is a very strong Pokemon with wins over Savannah's Nidorina - a battle that he evolved in - and against Decorus. Later, Fortis evolved in a battle against Marcus' Gabite, who also evolved. Fortis was eventually released in order to protect the Pokemon Reservoir in Fuchsia City from a flock of Fearow, though he was reluctant to leave Gray. He later returned to Gray before her bout with Savannah in the Saffron City Tournament, and he nearly won her the battle. However, he fainted just before Nidoqueen, which was one of the very few losses he suffered throughout his tenure. Fortis also has a rivalry with Marcus' Garchomp and battled against Owen's Charizard, who he fell to quite easily. Upon returning, Fortis repeatedly showed unprecedented power, earning him the honor of being Gray's undisputed powerhouse, often being turned to in order to win battles and defeat the strongest of opponents. During the Indigo League, Fortis helped Gray win two battles, with his most impressive victory coming against Trent's Mega Abomasnow. After the Indigo League, Owen requested to take Fortis to Kalos and train him for Gray, which she accepted. Throughout his tenure, Fortis has resembled Owen's Charizard, winning countless battles and pushing all of his opponents to their limits.

Obtained in Chapter 20: Durus vs Zangoose: Day Care Duel!

Evolved in Chapter 34: Fortis Fights for Glory!

Evolved in Chapter 40: Round Two: Flygon vs Garchomp!

Decorus (Florges) Edit

671 Florges White Flower Shiny

While searching for flowers to give to Gray, Chase tried pulling on Decorus' flowers. Enraged by Chase's idiocy, Decorus chased him into Celadon City before being challenged to a battle by Gray and Fortis. Decorus is a very strong Pokemon with a bit of an attitude, though she seems to get along with Fortis. Decorus is a key member to the team with powerful and versatile moves at her disposal, along with being a strong battler. In Fortis' absence, Decorus seemed eager to fill the role of being Gray's powerhouse, but she has returned to being second in command after Fortis came back. Decorus also has feelings for Fortis, and he even protected her from being hit by Savannah's Nidoqueen's Body Slam. Despite that loss, Decorus was still one of the most successful and powerful members of Gray's team, and was relied upon throughout the duration of her time in Kanto. In the Indigo League, she mainly helped set her teammates up for victory while also controlling the tide of battle, as evidenced by her getting rid of Toxic Spikes against Dominic. Though she wasn't the most physically imposing Pokemon, Decorus cemented herself as Gray's second strongest with her incredible defenses, array of long-range attacks, and will to win.

Obtained in Chapter 36: Fortis vs Florges: Save Celadon!

Johto Pokemon Edit

Comis (Gligar/Gliscor) Edit


Being the seventh and weakest member of Gray's Kanto team, Comis didn't get to battle during his short tenure in Kanto, which was the main reason Gray decided to bring him along for Johto. Early on, Comis has won all of the battles he has participated in and looked to be the strongest member of Gray's team, given his victories over Falkner's Pidgeotto, Silver's Totodile, and Bugsy's Scyther. He later evolved after being given a Razor Fang for helping Gray stop a thief from stealing an egg at the Day Care Center. Although Comis is goofy, light-hearted, and a bit childish, he strives to become as powerful as Fortis. Despite not being the strongest, Comis held his own in plenty of battles against the likes of Joey's Rattata and even Savannah's Wigglytuff. Throughout his time in Johto, Comis clashed with Ferus on a regular basis, though he had been shown to care about Ferus.

Joined in Chapter 1: Starting from Scratch

Evolved in Chapter 23: Early Maturation

Acer (Shroomish/Breloom) Edit


While on her way to Cherrygrove City, Gray tried to find a second Pokemon to join the team. Eventually, she ran in to Acer, who attacked Comis while he was flying around. The two then battled and Comis defeated Acer, but she quickly challenged him to a rematch, showing off her fiery spirit, which led to Gray extending an offer of joining. She evolved later when battling against Whitney's Miltank in a rematch, and she displayed explosive strength and incredible speed. Acer was, and continued to be, Gray's fastest Pokemon ever, and she has a very physical style of battling, opting to strike opponents at close range. With her newfound strength from evolution, Acer became one of the stronger members of the team, often opening battles and either defeating her opponents, or wearing them down significantly.

Obtained in Chapter 2: Three's Company

Evolved in Chapter 24: Boxing Lessons

Ferus (Houndour/Houndoom) Edit


Ferus was caught after Gray protected him from his leader, who planned on attacking Violet City, in a double battle. Shortly after Houndoom left, Gray offered Ferus a spot on the team, which he accepted after some persuasion. Ferus' seems to be a strong Pokemon, but he was pulled from Gray's battle with Falkner due to his violent battling style that almost resulted in him seriously harming Falkner's Spearow. He also defeated Silver's Scyther, showing off impressive battling instincts, though he was defeated by Bugsy's Durant. He later evolved when Skitty protected him from his old leader, which sent Ferus into a blind rage that led to him pummeling his enemy. With the strength gained from evolving, Ferus was able to tie against Joey's Quilava, who was his second strongest, at the time. He then managed to defeat Morty's Jellicent and held his own against Gengar before falling. Later, when visiting Kalos, Ferus was taught how to use Mega Evolution because Owen and Charizard thought so highly of him. Shortly afterwards, he had a Mega Battle against Tristan's Manectric that he ended up losing, albeit barely. The combination of his battling instincts and determination to win not only for himself, but for Gray, his teammates, and Delcatty put Ferus on a level of his own while serving as Gray's powerhouse of the region. During the Silver Conference, Ferus squared off with Joey's Typhlosion, only to fall to her even after using Mega Evolution. However, he did manage to defeat two of Savannah's Pokemon, further cementing his status as the second strongest, trailing only Fortis.

Obtained in Chapter 7: Release the Houndoom!

Evolved in Chapter 21: Ferus Gets Fired Up!

Pertinax (Pinsir) Edit


Before her battle with Bugsy, Gray spent some time training in Ilex Forest, and she soon found a tournament organized by the Pokemon, which was meant to determine the champion of the area. The battle she watched featured Pertinax battling a Heracross, and Gray intervened when Heracross was about to strike Pertinax while he was down. Gray then helped Pertinax defeat Heracross later on, and he asked to join the team. Pertinax has a blue-collar work ethic, along with tremendous strength, and he has already won several battles during his short tenure on Gray's team, most notably against Bugsy's Durant, and twice against Whitney's Aipom. Pertinax serves almost like a big brother to everyone, keeping them all in line similar to how Durus did prior to returning to Saffron City.

Obtained in Chapter 13: The Forest Champion

Agrestis (Trubbish/Garbodor) Edit


During the middle of the Goldenrod City Tournament, Gray learned of a sewage problem being caused. The source of the problem turned out to be Agrestis, who was scared of the people attempting to get her out of the sewers, but she was much more comfortable around Gray and her Pokemon. Agrestis also managed to defeat a Sudowoodo with the help of Nikki and Eevee, and has become a vital part to the team, with crucial victories over Morty's Gengar and Chuck's Poliwrath for Gray's fourth and fifth badges, respectively. Given her size and lack of mobility, Agrestis is poised to serve as the tank of the team, and played a pivotal role in the Silver Conference, as evidenced by her tie with Joey's Mamoswine.

Obtained in Chapter 26: Stinking Up the Joint

Evolved in Chapter 41: Bad Luck Chuck

Placidus (Bergmite/Avalugg) Edit


As she was training for her battle against Morty, Gray heard about a Pokemon attacking people in Mt. Mortar. After finding the Pokemon, which was a Bergmite, she learned that he was only attacking people because he was trying to protect an injured Misdreavus. After saving Misdreavus, Gray caught the Bergmite, and gave him the nickname Placidus. In his first battle with Gray, which was against Morty, Placidus displayed surprising strength and determination while taking down Lampent before falling to Jellicent. Even though he hasn't been on the team for a long time, Placidus has become an instrumental piece to Gray's success, with several key wins, the most notable being over James' Sliggoo, which was also when Placidus evolved. His most impressive battle, however, was when he managed to tie with Savannah's Kingdra, who was her strongest Pokemon. On top of that, he defeated Pryce's Mamoswine in a duel for Gray's seventh badge. With increased power and bulk upon evolving, Placidus easily surpassed his teammates and became Gray's second strongest member of the region.

Obtained in Chapter 30: Frost Bite!

Evolved in Chapter 39: The Dragon Slayer Rises!

Unova Pokemon Edit

Unicus (Sandshrew/Sandslash) Edit


Just like Comis when he joined at the start of the Indigo League, Unicus was brought to Unova and has since served as Gray's starter. Unicus has been shown to be very social and, at times, childish and clumsy, as evidenced by her constant cheering during battles and tendency to get upset over small things. She later evolved in a battle against White's Boldore - who evolved at the same time - and has since become a key cog on the team with her trademark style of battling, which is offense-oriented. Though she may not be the strongest, Unicus is more than capable of holding her own, consistently coming up big for Gray whenever needed. Her most notable pair of wins have come against Hugh's Excadrill during full battles, and she also seems to have a rivalry with Bianca's Serperior, which was intensified after being beaten soundly.

Joined in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White

Evolved in Chapter 24: Sandstorm Showdown: Unicus vs Boldore

Bellator (Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott) Edit

Gray met Bellator in Professor Juniper's lab on her first day in Unova, and they formed an immediate connection despite his stoicism. Bellator quickly showed off unprecedented skills in battle early on, defeating every single opponent until he met Hugh and his starter, Froakie. They eventually battled and Froakie won after he evolved, igniting their rivalry. After that battle, Bellator revealed his softer side to Gray, further enhancing their bond. Later, while in Pinwheel Forest, Gray shielded Bellator in a battle against Team Flare, and he evolved in order to protect her. From that point onward, he was the undisputed powerhouse and even battled Bryony's Bisharp, resulting in him unlocking an odd power called Synchro Evolution, which was said to know no limit because of the bond between him and Gray.

However, after traveling to Hoenn and meeting the region's Champion, Blade, Bellator's relationship with Gray weakened when she refused to let him battle against the champ. His frustration reached a boiling point when, after failing to use Synchro Evolution, he was crushed by Hugh's Greninja, who also wields Synchro Evolution. Bellator attempted to leave that night, but he was stopped by Gray and Potens. As they protested, something seemed to take control of Bellator and he told Gray she was holding him back, prompting his release. Since leaving, Bellator has yet to appear, though it's only a matter of time before he resurfaces. Later, while Gray was in Opelucid City, she was attacked by a black Dewott named Umbra, and Virtus saved her. Virtus and Umbra proceeded to merge into one being, and it was Bellator. He went on to apologize for his actions and rejoined Gray's team, where he'll serve as a massive powerhouse alongside Potens, especially after evolving and defeating Roxie's Mega Venusaur.

Obtained in Chapter 1: It's Not Always Black and White

Evolved in Chapter 21: Party in Pinwheel Forest

Evolved in Chapter 94: Mega Battle 11: Bellator vs Venusaur!

Furcifer (Sneasel/Weavile) Edit


Once White told her she needed to have a third Pokemon in order to challenge the Striaton City Gym, Gray looked around the Dreamyard, where she met Furcifer. After Unicus and Bellator chased her around, Furcifer found herself in a battle against the former, whom she lost to. Afterwards, it was revealed that all she wanted was for someone to fall for her prank, which was ruined by Gray, who then offered her a spot on the team. In her first battle, which was against Cheren's Yamask, Furcifer displayed incredible speed and power in her victory. Alder was also impressed with how much she and Gray trusted each other when Gray let Furcifer execute an unnamed attack. Furcifer's initial battling-style revolved around pranking her opponents, the most notable being when she froze Chili's Pansear's tongue to the ground, and lassoed Lenora's Watchog with its own tail. Eventually, she fell to the back of the pack and wasn't used in battle as a result, though she regained her initial standing when Gray arrived in Driftveil City. From that point on, she was often relied upon in difficult battles, most notably during the Icirrus Gym Battle where she had to take on Brycen's Beartic. Even though she was defeated after evolving mid-battle, Brycen was impressed with Furcifer's potential and offered to help train her, prompting her departure. Furcifer will also return for the Unova League.

Obtained in Chapter 6: Dreamyard Trickster

Evolved in Chapter 81: Beartic vs Furcifer: Champ of the Ice!

Released in Chapter 81: Beartic vs Furcifer: Champ of the Ice!

Returned in Chapter ?

Potens (Noibat/Noivern) Edit


After arriving in Nacrene City, Gray and White learned about a powerful Pokemon that had yet to lose to a trainer. Wanting to prove those people wrong, Gray encountered and challenged the Pokemon, which turned out to be a Noibat. In her first battle with Gray, Potens refused to listen to anything she said, causing her to lose to Hugh's Purrloin. Later, in Nimbasa City, Potens showed how strong she was after defeating Cheren's Pignite fairly easily, cementing her status as one of Gray's two strongest Pokemon, being the clear second to Bellator. After Bellator left, Potens, began training with Fortis in order to become strong enough to replace him. Later, Potens evolved when protecting Gray from Bryony's Bisharp, undergoing another transformation that Gray had never seen before. With her newfound strength from evolving, as well as her relationship with Zennyo, Potens is Gray's most powerful Pokemon. Furthermore, she's rapidly turned into the leader of the team, similar to Fortis, her mentor, as shown when she stuck up for the others when Braviary called them and Gray pathetic, and when she volunteered to search for Virtus after her rampage despite being injured. Since then, she and Virtus are each others' closest friends, and Potens is also the carrier of Zennyo, the god of dragon types, which will allow her to achieve unfathomable power.

Obtained in Chapter 13: Bat Out of Hell

Evolved in Chapter 63: Potens' Potential! Beat Bisharp!

Celsus (Girafarig) Edit


When told about Team Flare going through an abandoned building, Gray, White, and Noah investigated and found themselves battling the intruders. It turned out that there was a group of abandoned Pokemon living there, and Celsus was the leader. Even though he didn't know Bellator or Unicus, he protected them both from a Trevenant while trying to get to Gray, showing his power. He then joined Gray after seeing how all of her Pokemon liked her, and will be a prominent member of the team for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by his victories over Burgh's Scolipede, Cheren's Sawsbuck, and a Temporal grunt's Stantler. Though he hasn't battled as much as the others, Celsus is one of Gray's stronger Pokemon, often being called upon to combat the most physically imposing foes such as Burgh's Scolipede, Elesa's Zebstrika, and Hugh's Conkeldurr, each of whom he defeated.

Obtained in Chapter 27: Protect the Pokemon Shelter

Advena (Elgyem/Beheeyem) Edit


Advena is a very powerful Pokemon, so powerful, in fact, that she was being hunted by Team Flare, who hoped to use her for unknown reasons. She showed a clear disconnect when it came to understanding why people and Pokemon do certain things, like battling and their emotions, but that also made her funny. Advena was an interesting addition to Gray's team, having the potential to seize the role of powerhouse, as evidenced by her performance against Rei's Simisage, who she defeated with ease before falling to Bisharp, as well as the fact that Bellator left. She also managed to defeat Clay's Stunfisk with relative ease, and went toe-to-toe with his Excadrill until she was recalled. After the battle against Colress and Ghetsis, and Dominic and Lysandre, Advena intercepted a combined attack that would've killed Gray and Alain. She then evolved, used her newly gained power, teleported the quartet away, and died, telling Gray that she was her family.

Met in Chapter 40: Advena Appears!

Obtained in Chapter 44: The Vision

Evolved in Chapter 66: All Out War: Flare vs Plasma!

Died in Chapter 67: Goodbye, Advena

Dicax (Mawile) Edit


Appearing when Potens fought with Unicus and Furcifer, Dicax was initially met with hostility. However, after showing he had no intentions of attacking Gray, he was given a translator and helped solve the issues between the other Pokemon. Afterwards, he asked Gray if he could help her defeat Clay and win the Unova League because of how kind a person she was. Showing unmatched intelligence, Dicax will make for a great addition and help Gray win many battles, as evidenced by his victories over Clay's Excadrill and Hugh's Conkeldurr, as well as tying against Brycen's Froslass, who used Destiny Bond to defeat him.

Obtained in Chapter 56: Meeting a Diplomat

Virtus (Mienfoo/Mienshao) Edit


Shortly after arriving in Mistralton City, Gray struggled to come to grips with Advena's death and, while crying near the outskirts of Mistralton, drew the attention of Virtus. After attempting to approach Gray, Virtus scared her off because she was seen as an attacking Pokemon. The next day, Gray was crying in the same area again and, for a second time, Virtus approached. Showing she wasn't there to harm Gray, Virtus then followed her after she went to check on Potens. After a series of events, she encountered Gray at the Pokemon Center and asked to join for unknown reasons. Little is known about Virtus, though she showed tremendous strength in a battle against a wild Beartic in which she evolved, and against Bianca, where she took out both her Durant and Krookodile. Later, she battled Hugh's Greninja and activated the second stage of Synchro Evolution, though she ultimately lost. When Flare and Plasma began to attack Opelucid City, it was shown that Virtus shares some sort of connection with Bellator, and time will tell what comes of it. That connection was that Virtus was - more or less - Bellator's light side, while Umbra was his dark.

Obtained in Chapter 69: The True Fighter's Spirit

Evolved in Chapter 76: The Battle for Twist Mountain

Transformed in Chapter 89: Mega Battle 9: Potens vs Bellator!

Citeria (Bibarel) Edit


As soon as the group arrived in Opelucid City, Noah was warned of a Pokemon that injured innocent trainers. Gray sprung into action and met Citeria, who was the culprit. After finding he was severely wounded, Gray learned that Citeria wasn't the attacker, and that it was instead a Darmanitan, whom she helped Citeria defeat. Though very little of his battling abilities were shown, Citeria appears to be a very powerful Pokemon and will serve a prominent role on Gray's team. Furthermore, he has a rather lax attitude and talks like an old man from the South, which should further add to everyone's surprise of his strength once he gets his chance to star in a battle.

Obtained in Chapter 83: Fool's Gold

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